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  The History of Tyron  
  The Tyron Safety Band was invented in 1977 and consisted of a special Aluminum wheel and Aluminum Tyron band.

In the early 80's due to a request from the British MoD, Tyron developed a range of steel bands for the Land Rover steel wheels, not only were they far stronger than the aluminum bands but also solved the problem of 'catalytic' reaction between the 2 different metals where the Aluminum bands were prone to welding onto the steel wheels preventing removal of tyres when they needed to be changed.

In 2002 Tyron re-designed and patented a new Tyron MultiBand which is adjustable for height to accommodate the changing designs in wheel wells. The handling performance of the vehicle is improved due to the 'plug in' feet creating extra 'grip' between the Tyron band and the wheel outperforming all other Safety Band designs.

In 2008 Tyron invented the worlds first ever multi piece rubber runflat All Terrain Runflat (ATR) insert which can be fitted in the field to both military split rims and ordinary tubeless wheels, giving excellent off road capabilities with runflat capability of up to 100klm which far exceeds the Finabel standard.

In 2009 Tyron developed the unique R4 wheel for armored 4x4 and cash carrying vehicles. This super strong alloy wheel, with a load rating of 1600Kgs, incorporates an ingenious beadlock design. When fitted with our RSR-ATR they allow you to travel on or off road for over 50klm with all 4 tyres deflated.

Tyron therefore continues to develop runflat technology for civilian and military wheel safety and security and offers support through its extensive world wide sales and service network.

You only fit Tyron once….. It could save your Life!
The product we will be selling for Tyron is called Multiband, please add the below with the header as MULTIBAND
  Tyron MultiBand  
What is Tyron?

TYRON® wheel safety bands are a simple yet effective solution to the danger and inconvenience punctures, blow-outs and under inflation. With TYRON® fitted, you have the piece of mind knowing that you can remain in control and mobile, should your tyre deflate - at any speed - on any surface.

CONTROL With the tyre kept in place by the TYRON® safety band, steering, braking and cornering control can be maintained at any speed after a simple puncture or an instantaneous blow-out.

SAFETY greatly reduces the risk of accident and fatality through loss of control after tyre deflation.

MOBILITY provides traction plus a short runflat or get-out capability. The driver can continue to a safe place to change the wheel.
Why Tyron?

When a tyre deflates, air pressure can no longer hold it in its correct place on the wheel, so it becomes free to move about and the tyre's beads can slip over and into the 'well' of the wheel allowing the tyre to flail, or dangerously flap about. Steering control is lost and the flapping tyre can cause serious damage to the vehicle: damaging brake pipes, suspension and bodywork.

The Wheel Well Every wheel has to be made with a 'well' in it, otherwise it is impossible to fit the tyre.

TYRON® is simply attached over the wheel's well after the tyre has been fitted and so will support a deflated tyre, through preventing it from slipping into the well. Stability is significantly increased and therefore steering, braking and cornering control.

Punctures and blow-outs, thankfully are not a very common occurrence these days due to the design and high manufacturing quality of modern tyres. But, however tough, however well maintained and checked, picking up penetrable debris from the roads is unavoidable.

When this happens a tyre will not normally deflate immediately but over a period of time.

  As the tyre gradually deflates, air pressure inside becomes lower and heat build-up occurs until a critical point is reached, where the pressure is no longer sufficient to hold the tyre in its correct place on the wheel.

At this point, mostly in a cornering manoeuvre where extra forces are applied, the tyre bead will move from its 'seat' against the wheel rim, freeing the remaining air (that's normally the 'bang' you hear). With the tyre now fully deflated, it will flap about uselessly, the rim will no longer grip the tyre and the wheel may contact the road surface. At high speeds this condition is usually fatal, however good your driving skills.

In high-speed blowouts the consequences can be catastrophic, with little or no steering control the vehicle can quickly veer off erratically in unpredictable directions. The vehicle (left centre) smashed into the centre crash barrier of the M40 motorway, bounced off and began a series of barrel rolls involving other motorway traffic, after a front tyre blow-out.1 fatality.
Military & Government: 
Tested approved and currently used by the Ministry of Defence. NATO part numbers issued. Fitted on military vehicles currently in use in Northern Ireland, Europe and worldwide. British Home Office, ministerial and other government vehicles worldwide. The Army School of Mechanical Engineering Advanced Driver Training Wing and other military, police, government and security training establishments.
  Police & Security: 
Fitted by most UK and many other Police forces. Widely used on Police Special Units (PSU's), Armed Response Vehicles (ARV's), Rapid response (RRV's) and Traffic Patrol Vehicles. Standard Fitment for RUC, Northern Ireland. Extensively fitted on cash-in-transit and prison vehicles.
Emergency Services, Public Services:
Fitted to and approved for use on Fire Appliances (trucks and support vehicles) and Ambulances. In use on minibuses, guided rail vehicles, coaches & buses.
  4 x 4 Vehicles: Proven to maintain traction and drivability on all types of military and other off-road vehicles since 1979. An approved accessory supplied by the Rover Group for Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Range Rover.
Vehicle Manufacturers:
Approved or accepted for use by a growing number of European car, van and truck manufacturers.
Some examples ...
Fitting: ERF, Volvo, MAN (Fire Truck chassis), Iveco Ford, Land Rover group, LDV. Fitted through SVO departments: Fiat, Ford Motor Company, Iveco Ford Truck, Land Rover, Renault, and Vauxhall. Accredited conversion specialists for: Audi/VW, Citroen, Dennis, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Rolls-Royce Bentley, Volvo, etc. Tyre & Wheel Manufacturers:
  Production line fitting is available to manufacturers by companies: 
Avon, Nokia, Pirelli, plus the specialist wheel and tyre assembly line companies. Tyre distribution networks, for example Goodyear's Hi-Q, Euromaster, ATS and others Most wheel manufacturers. In the USA, fitting to Alcoa alloy wheels has been authorised. Tyron bands also recently passed motor industry durability testing with Lemmerz wheels. Caravan Industry: Manufacturer production line fitted and as a manufacturer's option. General after sale industry accessory through the caravan trade, as a direct response to public demand.
  Insurance Companies: Tyron is recognised by some insurance companies, with underwriters discounting premiums when Tyron is fitted.  
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